Debit Card Holders

For our debit card holders, automatic payments using your VISA debit card just got easier with VISA Account Updater!

Effective October 1, 2017, Independence National Bank is required to participate in the VISA Account Updater convenience program for our debit cards. If you have a debit card, you will be automatically enrolled in VISA Account Updater and debit card updates will be sent to merchants that have your debit card information on file.

When your debit card expires and/or you receive a replacement card, VISA Account Updater will automatically provide your new account number, expiration date and other information for your recurring debit card payments to merchants that participate in the VISA Account Updater program. This is useful so that services, for which you have provided debit card payment information in advance, are not interrupted. The VISA Account Updater is available to merchants that maintain customer account information on fileā€”like recurring and installment payments, subscription services, certain online merchants and preferred customer travel and entertainment programs.*

*Please be aware that not all merchants participate in VISA Account Updater and there is no guarantee that updates to your debit card information will be made available to your merchants prior to your next billing cycle. It is your responsibility to confirm any debit card updates with your merchants and service providers for recurring payments to avoid any disruption in services.

Have questions or need more information? Call your branch or contact customer service at 864-672-1776.