Identity Protection

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Independence National Bank is proud to announce ID Experts FraudStop CM, an Identity Protection service for our Account Holders. With ID Experts FraudStop CM, members will receive:

  • Full victim assessments that locate any financial fraud, medical fraud, criminal ID theft, postal ID theft, banking ID theft and government ID losses
  • Damage Appraisal to evaluate the extent of fraud
  • Fully Managed Recovery, with each victim assigned their own personal recovery expert
  • Services performed by the personal recovery expert include financial institution contact to erase all damage of an ID theft event, assessment of the situation and initiation of the recovery process within one business day, and assistance with the review of credit reports, financial statements, and other documents to ascertain the level of fraud
Online Education & Prevention
  • Online protection test and custom safety plans
  • Local fraud reports and area awareness
  • Recent news and monthly newsletters
  • Secure reporting to a trusted source
  • Links to law enforcement for fast responses
Credit Monitoring
  • Constant awareness of your credit report
  • Keep tabs on your personal credit status to grow assets
  • Daily credit monitoring to ensure the safety of your identity
ID Fraud Insurance
  • No deductible
  • Up to $30,000 coverage
  • Coverage for self-employed participants
  • Identity theft reimbursement for wages lost when dealing with identity theft, attorney fees and court costs, costs of re-filing, notarizing charges, postage, etc.
ID Experts FraudStop CM
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